Acupuncturist Michael Wiltse

Client Challenges:

I was approached by Michael Initially to get some shots for his social media. This evolved into a full project including photo stying to convey the feel of his brand into images, and the development of social media work and web design.

Social Media

For several years Michael had struggled to get started with his social media in a professional way he knew his social media did not speak to people about the work he does but didn’t know how to change it. He had worked with an influencer previously but this gave no result as he understood that there was nothing to people to see after the interest in his work was awaken.


Web Design.

His existing website did not reflect the high healing work he was doing and did not convey any of the feelings his brand has. There was not enough clarity about what he could do for his patients and how he was going to achieve the promised goals.


The Solution

I created a relax and clean concept, easy to navigate and designed to inspire people, limit distractions, emphasising in the bookings and take them where they needed to go. By using fresh-looking images and choosing neutral background colours I put emphasis on content through images providing a more zen look overall.

Michael Wiltse Acupuncturist