How do I work?

Luis Lemc Morales is my name and I am a graphic designer, photographer, and photo-editor. I studied marketing communication at the Corporaciόn Unificada Nacional de Educaciόn Superior, a private university in my home country Colombia. I have done photography/photo-editing, web design, digital marketing and branding, for several small and medium companies.

My technique is to get to know my clients and interview them to make sure I fully understand them, their company, and what they desire for the future. I get inspired when I am at the beach and anytime, I can be around dogs. I enjoy simplicity and believe in clean and pure beauty. Just as I enjoy new places, people and getting inspired by the sights and experiences. My point of view, love of life (and dogs), and my hunger for knowledge and new cultures set me apart from other graphic designers.

I look forward to speaking with you more about your specific needs - whether they be a new website, updating an old one, taking photos, or taking the image of your business to a new higher level – and figuring out how we can work together!

Phone: Just ask on an Email, E-mail: hola@luislemc.co