A New Possibility – Online Healing Community

A New Possibility is a very active and prominent community of health practitioners and individuals. Their goal is to help people develop a conscious relationship to their inner life. 

Client Challenges:

Benjamin Fox, founder, and director of A New Possibility contacted me because he was introduced to my work and felt what I produce is something his brand needed. A New Possibility already had a website and a social media presence, that last one was self-managed and overwhelmed Benjamin. He decided it was the right time to give their community a fresh/modern face that would translate better the work they do. 

Lorie Eve Dechar and Benjamin Fox, founders of A New Possibility, came to Colombia from the United States to have an in-person business talk about the future of their business and how we could integrate all their ideas into a consistent and solid online presence. 


Social Media:

@anewpossibility’s goals were: 

Inform their community about current events




Live transmissions

Provide their community with easy and valuable information 

Reminders on how to join their online community

Highlight their community members

Promote their books

Grow organically the number of followers and improve their engagement. 

They wanted all of these objectives to fit their brand in the most aesthetic way possible and that is what we have been doing for about 3 years now.



We created a new website with new and updated information. 

We made sure that their goals, such as people joining their private community, and buying their books and online courses, were very easy to do inside their website. All of this with a modern aesthetic respecting their brand identity and making it very easy for people to navigate and find all the information they need. 


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